nissan starter motor

Alternators, just like starter motors, come in many shapes, sizes and configurations. If matched up correctly, the alternator should work for you and charge your battery as intended. We’ve provided this guide to allow you to measure your current alternator so you can compare to the ones listed on our website. All our alternator listings come with a ‘specifications sheet’ so you can easily match up an alternator to the one in your vehicle.

Measuring the Alternator

There are a few key points that will differentiate alternators from each other. They are:
• Voltage and Output (Amps)
• Pulley Type and Diameter
• Regulator Type
• Mounting Positions and Sizes

The diagram below shows how to match up these details.


If you have any other questions about whether the part will fit, feel free to contact us! We’re always here to help! If you have the part number for your old alternator we can cross reference and find the right part for you. If you don’t have a part number, don’t worry, we can use your vehicle details to find the part you need. The details that will help us determine whether an alternator will fit are:

• Vehicle Make and Model
• Year and Month of Manufacture
• Voltage and Output
• Engine Codes, Sizes, Transmission and Fuel Type
• Any Unique Vehicle Details

Either phone, email or chat with us and we’ll try our hardest to get you the right part at a fair price!

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